Unclaimed Refunds

Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds

Each year, the Trustee holds funds from uncashed refund checks. If the Trustee cannot locate the rightful recipient of these funds, the money is forwarded to the Tennessee Department of Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division.

Last Updated 06/28/2019

Quality Transportation Services, Inc2PC01515000000$20.70
Quality Transportation Services, Inc3PC01515000000$97.58
Quality Transportation Services, Inc2PC01515000000$78.66
Quality Transportation Services, Inc8PC01515000000$17.39
Quality Transportation Services, Inc8PC01515000000$54.28
Quality Transportation Services, Inc6PC01515000000$615.25
Quality Transportation Services, Inc1PC01515000000$40.16
Rose, Rose, & Simpson, PC04306600000770$200.00
E Dale JamiesonG0232000000210$114.49
Baron and Jamie ReinholdD0223N0A000480$9.55
Joseph Pugliese0690770G000490$11.74
Daniel L VerhineD0255G0A000030$49.39
Dennis A Garmon Sr02500600000400$14.04
Annie Brownlee Lawson079061000000750$8.58
Westenn Title & Escrow Services LLC EscrB0148W0C000750$10.25
Celeste Williamson07209100000180$20.29
Michelle L CoulsonM0126E0A000440$13.38
Deloris Yancy07609400000040$8.01
First Data18897300000000$40.64
Cole & Robinson Consultants24416400000000$11.10
Knut Kristensen22784500000000$10.49
Clearbrook Butler LLC07403400000190$33.01
ATM South Inc24194800000000$13.50
Adventia Technology LLC02505200000000$12.33
Stuart LockL0141E0D000200$250.00
Jerry F Gay04503600000010$263.18
Apperson Crump PLC0750870000259C$8.28
Dots #70420899500000000$152.40
L & C Title, LLCB0159S0A000170$28.49
Teneka Webb03801700000350$209.65
Teneka Webb03801700000350$11.89
Teneka Webb03801700000350$13.44

For further information, please contact the Trustee’s Accounting Department at (901) 222-0200.