Banking & Operations

The County Banker

By state law, the Shelby County Trustee serves as the banker for Shelby County Government. In addition, the Trustee coordinates banking services for approximately fifteen different county offices, including various elected officials and the Shelby County Board of Education.

Banking Services

Banking services include proactive cash management strategies that identify cash concentrations and control disbursements. The Trustee's office provides fraud detection and payment services for more than 115,000 disbursements exceeding $720 million each year from various county offices.

Banking for Results

The Shelby County Trustee oversees a cooperative effort among the elected officials, Shelby County Schools, and Shelby County Government to maximize interest earnings and streamline banking costs. Centralized banking functions and the latest industry technologies offer efficiencies with:

  • Image Cash Letters (ICL) to expedite cash flow and research
  • Electronic Positive Pay Services to detect fraudulent checks
  • Remote Deposit of check images instead of paper checks
  • Electronic Debits for outgoing payments
  • Online Transactions via the website and the phone app using "payit901"
  • Mobile Cashiering