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Posted on: November 23, 2021

Shelby County Trustee and Mayor Announce $2 Million in Expanded Property Relief for Seniors

Tomorrow, November 24, 2021, Mayor Lee Harris and Shelby County Trustee Regina Morrison Newman will host an event and press conference to raise awareness about a significant increase in local property tax relief available to low-income seniors, disabled residents, and disabled military veterans in Shelby County.  

WHAT:  Press Conference on Property Tax Relief

WHO:  Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, Trustee Regina Morrison Newman, Commission Chairman Willie F. Brooks, Jr., Shelby County Aging Commission, Shelby County Veterans Services, and AARP

WHEN: Wednesday, November 24 at 1 pm

WHERE: Goodwill Homes Senior Center, 163 West Raines Rd, Memphis 38109

Mayor Harris and Trustee Newman will be joined by Commission Chairman Willie F. Brooks Jr., and leaders from AARP, Shelby County Veterans Services, and the Shelby County Aging Commission. The expanded relief uses federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to double the amount of Shelby County property tax relief currently available through the Office of the Shelby County Trustee. These funds provide a match to the State of Tennessee property tax relief and raises the maximum amount of relief available to seniors and disabled residents from approximately $250.00 to $500.00. For disabled veterans, the tax relief available increases from approximately $1500.00 to $3000.00. Eligible residents will receive a match of the State-approved amount for up to the full amount of their 2021 county property taxes. Last year, over 8,100 residents received tax relief and with the new County matching program, officials expect even more residents to apply.  

Earlier this year, Mayor Harris presented the County’s ARPA Spending Plan to see Shelby County into the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ARPA plan uses federal funds to expand the County’s property tax relief program.  

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris: “This property tax cut is an opportunity to provide much needed relief to our seniors, our veterans, and our disabled residents. For thousands of our neighbors, this property tax cut will mean more money in their pockets.” 

Shelby County Trustee Regina Morrison Newman: “We are thrilled the tax relief matching program has been funded and it will allow us to truly help some of our more vulnerable homeowners in need and keep them in their homes.” 

Shelby County Commission Chairman Willie F. Brooks, Jr.: “We are fortunate that the ARPA funding has allowed us to provide relief for this deserving population. These individuals have contributed immensely to our community. This is a great opportunity to say thank you and help lower their tax bills by a significant amount.” 

Shelby County Veterans Services Officer Michael Ellis: “Veterans make up about 6 percent of our country’s population, but 8 percent of individuals experiencing homelessness. This expanded property tax relief is a godsend for disabled veterans and can keep them in their own homes. These veterans put their bodies on the line for our country and this relief makes clear that Shelby County has their back.” 

Shelby County Aging Commission Executive Director Kim Daugherty: “This is welcomed relief for persons who are senior and disabled in Shelby County. This program will provide assurances of maintaining affordable and stable housing for a multitude of persons.” 

AARP Tennessee Community Outreach Director Caprice Morgan: “We applaud Shelby County for expanding property tax relief available to seniors. This relief will help seniors regain their financial footing after this brutal pandemic has decimated savings, through rising cost for goods and services, and through the emergency help many seniors provided for their children and grandchildren that suddenly found themselves out of work.” 

To obtain an application for property tax relief on 2021 Shelby County property taxes, please contact Shelby County Trustee Customer Service at 901-222-0200. The income limit for elderly and disabled residents is $31,190. There is no income limit for disabled veterans, widow(er)s of a disabled veteran, or the spouse of a soldier killed in action. The deadline to apply is April 5, 2022.  


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