How do I set up monthly payments?

The Shelby County Trustee is pleased to offer taxpayers the convenient and flexible option of paying property taxes on a monthly basis with ManagedPay options. Monthly payments can be set up through the payit901 mobile app or on the Trustee website. 

By choosing Managed Pay, you can: 

  • Create your own payment schedule with your own start date 
  • Select your monthly payment amount and duration 
  • Current year taxes Monthly payments through 2/28
  • Delinquent taxes Monthly payments for a year 
  • Make payments using your checking account or credit card (2.6% fee on card transactions and $1.50 on echeck transactions) 
  • Set up monthly payments for multiple bills 
  • View and manage your payments and settings at any time 
  • Receive monthly reminders along with email and wallet receipts

Payments will be credited to your taxes based on the effective date of the tax payment. 

Note: ManagedPay does not prevent the accrual of interest, the addition of legal fees, or the occurrence of legal action.

Set up ManagedPay today!

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